Plugin can not actived in china ecs server


i send three emails on this topic, seems still have got any feedback. i have to post it here again, I really need help on it, my friends,

Hello @qiang814k,

Apologies for the lack of response on our side.

I always recommend sending to support requests to as that is our dedicated channel and a place where we can follow up properly.
Our contact channel literally receives hundreds of emails everyday and is not meant for support.

I will try to find your emails and go from there.

thanks, Louis, i will get this topic delete.

Hi @qiang814k,

Best we keep it open now and update here :wink:

I’m currently getting the following error when trying to access your server: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

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can you refresh the page and check again? for me, it is ok at the moment.

we are moving data in, this site will have more than 400 000 pages aprox.

Hello @qiang814k,

Thank you, I now have access.

Can I temporarily install a file manager plugin to check the debug log?
Thanks in advance.

sure, you can do it.
if you need, i can send you a ftp.

Hello @qiang814k,

It seems like it’s an error in your taxonomies/tags that’s creating an issue when we are doing a check on taxonomies.

I’ll send you the error by PM.

since I do not know coding , I only know css, html and plugin…, means, I did not touch any thing of wordpress and the plugin which i used(cwicly, Custom Post Type Permalinks ,Custom Post Type UI) , we do have more than 50103 tags now, it will keep growing, i am not sure, the enormous quantity tags is a problems?

Hi @qiang814k,

There seems to be an issue with the way some of those tags were imported. Do you know how they were created?

all tags was import by a software(they put all the tag in one excel, and use one chinese software send to wordpress, i guess no one use this software outside of china),