Please provide steps for having same layout frontend as in backend

Hi @JacobDK, I’m sure one of the team will respond to this, in the meantime, I am wondering if you could provide a bit more information about what is not working for you in terms of backend vs. frontend styling.

I know you said those previous posts didn’t help, so as they contain several messages that show the basic strategy that Cwicly allows you to share the styles in both places, I want to make sure that you get what you need.

In summary, any styling you want on the backend and frontend for post content, you can apply to the Post Content block within your template. This even works with global classes applied to the Post Content block.

This post provides some screenshots showing the process and general tips for achieving commonly used styling (such as a max-width and centring).

If there is something still unclear or any steps that you are missing, if you post your specific needs, I am sure they will be addressed and that will help the Cwicly team also improve the documentation.