Play video in a lightbox


I want to have a video on my site. But I want to show a video thumbnail on the site and play the video in a lightbox when clicking on the thumbnail like this.

*The videos did not play when I clicked on the thumbnail. But I want it to play automatically when it’s in a lightbox.

I’ve tried Cwicly video block but it doesn’t have such an option to do this.

Any ideas?

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Yes I agree. That is better for GDPR and performance as the thumbnail is custom and is not generated by google servers and no user data is transferred until the video plays on popup window.


Hi @jornes,

This has been available since the beginning of Cwicly with the lightbox action in the link wrapper.

This is already (and has been since the beginning of Cwicly) available in the Video block (div overlay).


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That is great to hear…Is there a quick example on how it can be setup?

For the Div overlay: Getting Started - Video Block - Wordpress Gutenberg - YouTube


There are also video elements in the design library with this specific use.


Thank you so much for your fast response. Not mean to be a pain, but with this method can we benefit for SEO so that google can read the video link and the content just like it does when we use the default WP video embed block.

Nice to know @Louis
I tried some of the video elements from the design gallery. All the elements I tested seem to be playing the video on the page instead of playing in a lightbox.

I will test more.

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  • Select a block

  • 2.Open the Block Inspector

  • 3.Navigate to the Primary tab

  • 4.Find the Define as link property

  • 5.Make sure that Link Type is set on Action

  • 6.Make sure that Link Action is set on Lightbox

  • 7.Find the Type property

  • 8.Click on the appropriate background type options (image, video)


This works, but il if you do this inside a query it doesnt work…
I needfor my buttons/paragraphs to pull from acf label (works) and links (doesn’t work) from posts inside a query using query and query template… any help somewhere ? Thanks