Paragraph tag/break not being respected in posts

I know that this is more of a Wordpress issue than a Cwicly one but I am wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem?

Per the screenshots below, wordpress seems be stripping out my paragraph breaks from the content entered in this custom post type. I do believe if you edit on the Text(HTML) tab, save it that way and not flip back to the visual tab then it respects the paragraph breaks but my client is never going to be able to do that.

content edit screen

front end rendering*

Note: I was able to resolve my issue by speaking with the plugin developer - we were able to enable the block editor for the CPT


Hello @smontreuil,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Glad to see you found a solution on your side, I’ll give this a look later on to see if it is Cwicly creating the issue. If so, we’ll get it fixed.