Paragrap: strange behavior

I am not sure that it is a bug, but at least a “strange behavior”…

In a new page I insert a Cwicly Section then, inside, a Cwicly Paragrap then I dial “bla bla bla bla”.
There is no customization and the space are “normal” (not unbreakable).
The result is:
“bla bla bla

Each time I add a " bla", the last one is rejected to a new line.
I expect all this text on the same line until the witdth of the section is reached.

Could you provide a URL to that page?

That was because your post content element inside the Index Template was not set to be a full width.

I replaced the post content for Cwicly one (you had a native Post content added) and set a width to 100%. Now it should be fine.

Thank you very much @Dev.tomi.
I can’t figure out why this setting is not default in both blocks:

  • native Post Content (don’t care but it is in the default Index template)
  • Cwicly Post Content: it could be a legit request

PS: funny test
In original Index template, if a Cwicly Post Content is added in the section, both Post content (native and Cwicly) are displayed with full width (100%)

Could you elaborate why you wrap your post content block inside a section block?
This actually causes your issue, maybe I can give you some hints as soon as I can follow why it (wrapping your content block) is necessary in your case.

I didn’t added the section: this is the native construction of Index template.


Thanks for the feedback.
The problem here is that you wrap your post content inside a section again.
So what you actually do is placing a section inside a section, which is not a good idea.

I think this template is made for blog posts, where you only place your RichText blocks like heading and paragraph or sometimes an image. You don’t want to wrap your post content in another section.

Small addition:
For clarification. This is a Wordpress template, it does not come from Cwicly. It’s just there by default. Things might work differently when using Cwicly, but that also depends on your specific use cases.

You are right @Marius: my target, for page, was to display a boxed section with a background-color.
To do, following your advice, I created a specific Page template and all is ok now.
Thank you both.