Panel lost it's layout,

my cwicly edit panel often come to like this , i need refresh again and again when editing.

is there anyone met same situation??


Hi @qiang814k,

Thanks for the report.
Is this happening when editing a block inside a query template or is it more general?

i am doing most about query today.
will report if more general

Hi @qiang814k,

Inside your Query Template block, by chance, do you have any elements with a link?

Another user experienced the same problem of multiple panels, which seemed to be caused by a link.

Hello @qiang814k,

Thanks for the report.
This does seem to be related to the link wrapper function.

We have a fix for it and it should be released tomorrow.

Apologies for the trouble!

This should globally be fixed in

If you still experience issues with this, I’d be grateful if you could let me know here.


sorry, i did not see the asking in the weekend.
really high efficient team, cwicly, supper!

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