Padding - disable linked values by default

An option to disable the default active state of the linking padding feature.

Another thing why this is so annoying for me, is the fact that as soon as reset/clear the values with a click on the blue indiator, it automatically links the fields again.

Probably, I will never understand that linking feature for all 4 values at once (still I use the linking opposite values with the ALT-key, which is GREAT), but at least an option to decide if one wants to use it or not would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion @Marius. Indeed, it can be intrusive in quite a few cases.
We will keep it activated by default but will provide the option to remove it :wink:

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Hello @Marius , would you mind recording a short video explaining the problem? I am not sure I understand what you mean and it would be helpful to level up my skills! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Dev.tomi.

The issue I have with the current behaviour is the following:

Screenshot 2022-05-24 184743

As you can see, the linked option is active by default (the blue icon).
When enter a value anywhere in one of the 4 inputs, it will reflect the same value in all 4 inputs at the same time - by only touching one value.

It’s a very rare case for me that this is needed out of the box.
So I need to toggle that option off every time I want to set a padding.
In addition, every time I reset the values, the linking features gets activated again automatically.
Plus, every time I revisit the Margin/Padding area, it is active again, even though I toggled it off.

I hope you could follow without a video :smiling_face:

Thanks for a explanation man. That boders me also.

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