Option for "tag-less" text

Ability to insert plain text without tags, for instance:

The paragraph block could have an option to remove the HTML tag or simply to not apply a tag.
Currently, no tag means <p> but I think there is an ongoing process in that regard to improve things.

An alternative could be to simply use a code block but not sure if this is rather confusing and unintuitive.


I think it can’t hurt to have this option, at least I use something like this from time to time for words in the layout that are not supposed to be a whole sentence.
PS: What first confused me about this block is that nothing is pre-selected for TAG, so not even “p”.
I would still find that useful to show that a p-tag is used by default.

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Thanks for your feedback @Jugibur.

Yes, Cwicly still does that in a lot of areas, but I think it’s on the list to improve things and in some places, this has been addressed already.

I’m not even sure if the paragraph block is the right fit for my requirement, but it would make sense in my opinion.

When removing the tag, all block inspector options (and already applied styles) could be disabled/removed and only the text on the canvas can be edited.

Sometimes, I just need plain text without tags and attributes, because things get handled by a parent element.
For instance, when creating a custom button with a div block.

Interesting suggestion @Marius.
I have sometimes had the need myself to only have plain text, and all code/html blocks don’t have a simple preview on the backend/editing with RichText capabilities, so I definitely get your point.

I’m also not so sure the Paragraph block is best suited for this. I do get your point about the tag default not being clear @Jugibur, although this is a paragraph block… Definitely something to improve on.

In any case, I’m really quite seduced by the idea of a RichText capable “tag-less” block :+1:

EDIT: moving to Feature Request

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @Louis and good to hear there are use cases where it makes sense for others as well.

This sounds like a pretty straight forward idea, I really like it.
Exactly what I’ve been looking for, adding some RichText functionality is even better :partying_face:

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Today, I stumbled upon the need to have the same functionality - text without a tag. So, gave my vote and hope this feature gets implemented one day.