One modal not animating exit

So i’ve created a web page where all menus are modals that slide in. However there’s now one modal that somehow just disappears and not animates it exit. How could this be?


Hello @boris,

Sorry to see you’re having trouble with this.

It seems related to the use of videos, and possibly our reset of the modal when it is closed, that doesn’t take into account the exit animation itself.

Will dig deeper and will fix if necessary for the next update.

Thanks for your patience.

Moving to bugs.

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Ok! that leads to another question: is it possible to influence whether it resets to the top or stays at the scrolled-to height?

Hi @boris,

If this is regarding the video modal in that specific installation, we could definitely look into this.

hi Louis. No this is just in relation to normal working modals. As it is now they seem to remember their scrolled-to location

Hello @boris,

The modal exit animation should now behave properly when containing iFrames →

Thanks for the report.


thank you! working perfectly now

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