Not exactly a bug but a typo on the website

On Block Library - Cwicly
in the section block it says :


The essential element for all your Cwicly designs. A ready-made container with a wrapper that centres all your content.

Shouldn’t it be : a wrapper that centers all your content ?

Maybe it’s not a typo, I assume. Perhaps it’s a UK typing?


For example, color is used in the US, while the UK uses colour.


Yes, it’s a British thing. Since Louis is in Europe, they mainly use the English spelling instead of the American way.

Sometimes the British spelling throws me off too :wink:


Was going to answer saying the same as the other replies…
The other significant one is ‘colors’ (US), and ‘colours’ (UK/Europe/Australia)
And here is an article goign over lots more:

Cheers, Dave


thanks @jornes @penatech @bung55 and @Araminta !
Sorry about that,

I thought it was comimg from French, as I am, like Louis, French and have been living in the US for 15 years and happen to make these kind of things.
I guess moving to the UK would have made my life much easier !

Thank you all for your inputs!

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