[NOT A BUG] Global typography settings issue with clamp functions

So I am trying to apply global typography settings using clamp functions or variables using those functions, but the values are being applied to the current size of the UI viewport.

the issue occurred after resetting to the tailwind breakpoints.

  • WordPress version: 6.4.3
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.4

This should be closed.


Well, it is kind off a not ideal behavior, since there is no way to delete breakpoints or deactivate the tailwind breakpoints to go back to the earlier configuration, once you reset to tailwind BPs, there is no way to add a clamp function or a variable to the typography size field “FACT” (in case I don’t want to use TW anymore).

It bugs me yes, being forced to use TW, the breakpoints thing should be a toggle, not a reset.

So @yankiara why bother? they will ignore it anyways

Of course you can use your variables, be it with TW or not, and we explained it you in the other thread, read more carefully. Just use the BASE breakpoint for this, that’s all, and that’s exactly how it is meant to be: global settings like this need to be set on tyhe base breakpoint to be applied for all, then you set more specific properties on other breakpoints. This applies to mobile-first or desktop-first.

So it is actually working.

The only issue is when switching to TW breakpoints after having set properties, but setting breakpoints should be better at project start anyway.

Yeah this is the issue, and I know thanks to @hopscotch the simple “fix” is to apply the values to the base, yeah oh! my bad, how could I not know that right?

It goes the same for each and every global value that was setup, lets see what they come up with the update that addresses the global improvements as @godhimself acknowledged.

For many reasons I know my arguments are valid, I’ve said it before this thing is great but far from perfect, something that some people here really cringe by the sound of it.

A potential solution:

Well thank you @StrangeTech to take the time to do that.

I honestly don’t know if it is necessary but I know that with the added complexity of the new features, a program like cwicly requires better documentation, tooltips, notices or the implementation of better access to the doc files even from here (meaning, its so feature rich and many things you don’t even know they exist)

How is it that I have not encountered this before, even asking for stuff like this many times:

It may be my fault but studying quicly is like tailwind level of complexity and there is not one full video explaining the global set up workflow… ok enough with that.

but things like this:

I mean wow… but it should be obvious to me how to reference the NPM package and where, how could i possibly not know such thing, what sort of godless soul am I for not knowing this stuff…

Thanks again for help

Have a great day