New gourmet restaurant in munich

Hi all,
i am glad i found Cwicly through a partner of a client of mine. From then on i am into it, it gives some exciting new ways - as back in the days - to really focus on crafting. Thanks so much.

This is the first site for that restaurant because the restaurant just opened last week…we want to fill it with more content later…its available in english, german and russian.

Hope you like it.

best wishes

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Nice design, except two things:

  • I find normal text hardly readable because of the letter spacing, you should use it for titles only or set it smaller;
  • Navigation is a bit tedious with hamburger menu and animation, but that’s me I guess, can’t get used to hamburger menus on desktop!

Oh, and watch your content, using h3 for all text won’t help ranking :wink:

I also like the design, congrats on your first Cwicly build :partying_face:
It seems like you enjoyed the process.

Two small things:
The header takes too much space on mobile for my taste, button hover text color lacks contrast.