New effect for context menu is distracting

After updating the latest version, I noticed a new effect was added to the context menu.

I(and some others) find it distracting.

What do you guys think?

I think interface elements shouldn’t have effects at all.
Sometimes, micro-delays make sense to not accidentally show things when moving the cursor over elements.

For instance, I dislike the modal animation (RS, IT, LW, etc.).
It’s distracting and interrupts my flow.
The builder should be as effective as possible.

Another example

I think it’s nothing more than a bug.
How could this be a feature or intentional effect?

Hi @jornes,

This is definitely not intentional… We might have a tad of bad taste, but this :smiley:
I’m not able to reproduce this on my side.

Can you tell me if it’s happening here:

Thanks in advance.

Just updated to the latest version and I do not experience anything like that.
Tested on two different installations with various scenarios.

Looks kind of funny though :innocent:

I don’t see it here. Weird. Let me try it out on another site and see.

I see what’s happening here.
I have added this CSS code to my stylesheet
* {transition:all 0.4s ease;}

Not about the versions. My fault. :rofl: