New builder on the market

With the arrival of Breakdance Builder from Oxygen’s team, Cwicly team will have to work hard to compete.
I hope that the many unhappy Oxygen’s user with this news will move to Cwicly to reenforce the community.

Completely different product, you can’t compare them at all.
People currently run away from Oxygen and I am sure some will find their way to Cwicly.

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I am one of them!
You should agree that it could be a great opportunity for Cwicly.

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I think it could be a great opportunity when Cwicly would be more popular.
But people are actively looking for alternatives, still, it’s more likely they don’t even find out about it because it hasn’t received the kind of necessary attention on platforms where people are looking for.
A lot of users also don’t want to deal with Gutenberg so they avoid having a closer look. This is what I did in first place.
Also, their website gave me the impression it’s just another random and kind of cheap page builder.
The only reason I’ve done more research was after inspecting the HTML output and how CSS is handled with the dev tools.
In my opinion they lose a lot of potential users only with their website.
It’s a major part when selling such kind of product, you just can’t present your product in that way.