Navigator: rename option

Almost every time, when I want to select a block in the navigator, I click on the name and it opens the rename option instead of selecting the block.
Isn’t it possible to activate the rename option only on double click on the name?


And hit enter to disable the rename when it’s done until double-click the block again.


Great point, I share your experiences.

Yesterday, I started playing with a slightly different background color for the block descriptions to improve things a bit in that regard.

Would be a pretty decent tweak :+1:


I agree, especially for blocks with longer names.

It often doesn’t even save much of a click, as I usually double click to Select All anyways.

If single click selected the block and double click allowed renaming (with all text selected by default), I think this would be a better experience.

I believe this is also how Figma handles it.

Hi @weedor,

Thanks for bringing this up.
It’s always a difficult choice to make in these circumstances, and to know which behaviour is best suited for renaming items. A double click is sometimes hazardous so I’m already wary about using them.
I can see this has a few votes, so definitely something that users agree with.

I’ll take a look when possible and see what we can do to!


It is not urgent, so perhaps it could be possible to wait for a better idea.
If we remeber how you set the input of the title, it was not immediately perfect but now, everybody agrees.

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The good news here is that all of Elementor, Bricks, Oxygen, and Figma use the double-click to rename element.

So I think it should be pretty expected behaviour for most users.


This was applied in