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Hi C-Community,
is there a way to speedup the responsive time of the navigator? This is an essential UX Element and it lacks speed…its sometimes quite lurky to move elements around, layers…or if i add a layer it gehts sorted-in somewhere and i can not see a flawless workflow / usability here…you know Adobe Photoshop right…where one can really speeedy move layers around even with shortcuts and insert, delerte, re-arrange even hard-core complex layers or multiple layers at once…in the work we do hour by hour this element is too slow and also error-prone…is there a way to speed this up and make it also more stable?
best wishes

Hi @Timo,

There is a confirmed bug that may be contributing to what you are seeing:

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thanx ST…somehow yes…also what i secondly mean: its to slow overall for quick moves and fast workflow…

While it has improved significantly over the last year, there are definitely still enhancements that can be made.

One of the more important ones is:

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ok cool thanx for your guidance!

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