"Nav" vs "Menu" block: Best practices

Will the “Menu” block continue to be supported, or will it be eventually become deprecated b/c of the new “Nav” block capabilities?

I am working on a new site and want to make the right decision for the navbar approach.

I don’t necessarily need Megamenu capabilities or anything right now, but figured it may make more sense to use the more robust “Nav” block now for a simple menu, so it’s in a good place if I want to build out later.

Would this be overkill?

Is it recommended to use the new “Nav” block moving forward instead of the older “Menu” block? Or will they both continue to exist moving forward?

Hello @bobbymcg,

Thanks for bringing this up!

The Menu block will continue to be supported as it holds a distinctive role for a more controlled setup. It will also receive updates when necessary. Currently, a rework is planned for the positioning logic of the dropdowns.

The Nav block essentially allows you to create a menu with an optimised mobile layout (modal) in a single markup instead of having to create and manage those different views separately.
It definitely isn’t overkill.

It will depend on how much control and freedom you want over your nav elements and what suits you best.

Hope that helps shed some light. Don’t hesitate if there’s anything else I can help with.


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