Native Group Block - settings for Spacing missing

I am still around checking it out in your sandbox - in a plain WordPress installation with standard twenty twenty three theme, the group block does have settings for spacing (padding etc.), but not the native Group Block in Cwicly environment. Am I missing something, or is it just the sandbox version causing this?

@FZwo they are not enabled by default in the cwicly theme. But you can enable them by editing the theme.json file.

That’s great, because some of the templates in the library are build with this block, thus these settings are needed. Anything else to be activated within the theme’s json file to have the full Gutenberg native functionality? And what is to be added within the theme.json then?

@FZwo There are a few options you can enable/disable with the theme.json File.

There’s an overview in the WP Theme Developer Handbook which describes all possible parameters:

Hope that helps! :wink:


great, added

“appearanceTools”: true,

in theme.json, that does the job

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