My first build - Finance brochure website

My first complete Cwicly build:

Took me a while to get the hang of the builder and the little quirks of Gutenberg. Also the major update to v1.1x happened in the middle, which made many things easier, but I had to restart fresh due to some issues being introduced.

Very happy with Cwicly!


This is a pretty decent site, congrats!
Can’t wait to see more inspiring projects built with Cwicly.

Thanks, @Marius! Really appreciate the kind words.

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Looks great! Using this as a reference to see how you’ve done some things with Cwicly.

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Nice and clean site. I would suggest though to reduce your image file sizes. At least the blue background pattern. It’s getting used a lot on the page, and it’s over 600kb each, even on the small cards. Using I was able to reduce the file size to 86kb, without any loss of quality.


Worth checking :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up. Will go back and update before we go live (still haven’t yet!).