My attempt at an Archive page is a hot mess

I clearly do not understand archive pages.

Attempting the archive:
The Archive Page

I created a page a named it Tangents.

I created a custom template with these conditions:

My template page:

I have no control over these concerning responsiveness with what I have built, but I guess I knew that would happen as I was fumbling around.

On my single post page, I want to link to the archive page. Not working, of course. There are probably many places where I could have messed this up. I chose to link to Post Archive URL, then Post URL, but I don’t think there is a way to make that connecting with how I set it up.

Single Post Page


I know this is more of a WordPress thing and I am off to research it, but is there any info in one of the existing videos that might help guide me with setting up an Archive page?


Hi @jtk,

Might this be what you’re looking for?

I can’t get the modal with Business > News > Uncategorized to appear. So when I choose current, nothing happens. Even if I choose custom, I do not see my category in Posts.

I have a category called Tangents. Should I be able to see it here?


Hi @jtk,

The Taxonomy Terms block works just like the Query and Repeater blocks, where you create your own layout inside that gets repeated. It can be a simple link to more complex layouts.

It is empty by default. A new dynamic category will appear in dynamic capable blocks whenever you add then inside.

I’m probably going to need to make a video. There are too many things wrong.