Multiple Repeater Blocks

Hi there!

I want to use two Repeater Fields in the same Page Template. The second one displays a message that no content has been found.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for help!

Hi @NoProblemForMe make certain in the repeater block you have selected the correct fields.

If you are using a Cwicly Template you will need to create an ACF ‘Options’ page to harvest the data. You can’t load ACF Field Groups onto Template pages at the bottom like you can on Pages and Posts.

For example I created an Options Page on my custom Post Type ‘Dining’. You can create ACF Options Pages within ACF.
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 12.51.37

My Options Page I call ‘Dining Dynamic Content’
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 12.45.50

Then I link it pointing to my ACF Options Page.

You can pull the data from any ACF Options page into any Page, Post or Template on your site.
I hope that helps!

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I have added two repeater fields to my CPT. I would like to be able to add as many text lines as I want in the repeater fields. As you can see in the picture, this also works for “Anforderungen”. For features, however, it is displayed that no content is found, although content is available.

This means that repeater fields generally work for posts. But a second repeater field probably does not. Could this have something to do with the query not being completed correctly for the first repeater?

Unfortunately, your suggestion with the options page does not work for me, as I want to add several individual entries to each post.

Hi @NoProblemForMe for me to better understand your issue if you could attach screenshots so we may have a better look?

As long as the content you are working with is on a Page or Post (Or custom Post Type) and you have your ACF Field group pointed to your Page or Post you will see the fields below your page content.

Make certain for your repeater you have you content entered in those ACF fields (Click ‘Add Row’ for example for a Text field) and Save it. Then reload the page. Then connect the ACF field group to the Repeater.

Hi hopscotch,

this is the meta information of my cpt, which I want to display:

Thats how I set up the fields at ACF:

I duplicated the “Anforderungen” Repeater Field and renamed it to “Features”. For “Anforderungen” it works fine. But not for “Features”.

I hope you can now better understand the issue, otherwise let me know if yo need additional information or screenshots.

Thanks for your help!

Ok that is most helpful! One thing I have learnt is make very specific ACF field names. You can’t have identical ones. So mine are rather descriptive. The issue you are having is rather common with ACF. For the Repeater still not working rename it to something other than what you have and check. That usually does it for me. Or Even delete ‘Galerie’ and create it again with a very descriptive ACF field name like stat-heim-galerie. That should sort it.

Thank you for your efforts, but I have found the problem. It was not because of the slugs, but because I forgot to link the paragraphs of “Features” to the dynamic data. :sweat_smile:

I am delighted you figured it out! I reckon you won’t miss that again😜
If I wasn’t so distracted with work I would have remembered to add that screenshot to the collection as well from above. Repeaters need that extra step.