Most compatible theme?

What is the most compatible theme is out there anyone using besides Cwicly Theme?

I’m trying to make it work with Blocksy, but hitting walls here and there a lot. I love the Blocksy theme because of their attention to design details, specially for WooCommerce.

Can anyone share what theme they are using successfully with Cwicly and has great support WooCommerce?


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Anyone? No one? Not an interesting question, I guess! :slight_smile: I would really appreciate if anyone could share their experience on this subject.

Yes, I also love Blocksy and use it a lot for small sites. I tried using it once with Cwicly, but it was not working well out of the box. I had to add custom CSS to fix some admin-side issues, but along the way, I encountered other problems where some Blocksy styles were overriding Cwicly styles and vice versa. That’s why I’m currently not using Blocksy with Cwicly, but using Blocksy with Generateblocks for small sites and Cwicly for more complex sites.

However, it would be nice if Cwicly and Blocksy could work well together out of the box.

Thanks! That’s precisely my current situation with Blocksy & Cwicly, and there is an ongoing troubleshooting from Cwicly support. Unfortunately, the project that I’m working on is quite complex, and Cwicly was the perfect fit for that, until I started to hit walls here and there :slight_smile:

That’s my wish as well, and hopefully, it will happen soon.

I am on my second build and I used the Cwicly theme and a custom Cwicly Child theme. I haven’t had any issues. You will have to deal with Wordpress FSE but that is something we will have little choice in when they release 6.2. Note if you are using ACF fields you will have to use the legacy Pages & Posts which you can still do in FSE with little trouble.

What was the scope of the projects? I’m working on a B2B only WooCommerce store with many difficult products.

Since Blocksy does all the heavy lifting with their WooCommerce support, and their design choices are a perfect match for this project. But, Cwicly on the other hand, coming up with WooCommerce support that we can use WooCommerce data dynamically, which is wonderful, but until that time I have to rely on Blocksy and build the rest with Cwicly.

I love the fact that we can tap into almost any HTML element right in the editor with Cwicly, such an engineering marvel IMO. That’s why I wanted to check in to see if anyone had used a theme together with Cwicly, and didn’t have such issues like me.