More than one filter &query block on one page, only the last filter block show out

if i list three filter block on one page(each filter and query block id matched),

i found only the last filter block can work.

if i list three on one page, the third one can work, the other two can not( see capture)

if i delete the third one, the second one will work, the first one can not(see capture)

if i delete the second one and third one, the first one works very well

so , i think here must be have some issue.


my setting of filter and query block for reference

hello, any feedback on this ?

Hello @qiang814k,

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you about this one.

We don’t seem to be able to reproduce this issue on our side, as multiple queries and multiple filters work perfectly.

Could you possibly send temporary access to so that we can take a look at this and see what’s going wrong?


gald to hear your feedback, email was send,

Hello @qiang814k,

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

I can confirm that there is something going on but can’t quite get to the bottom of it yet.
Please bear with us while we look into this closely.

Thanks for your answer, will waiting the perfect time coming

hello, how are you, Louis, May i know how is this going? just want to know that is this can be possible fixed by weeks?

Hello @qiang814k,

Thanks for your patience on this one.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to get to the bottom of this one yet.
We will be taking another look today, but it is something that seems to be specifically related to your installation as we can’t reproduce it on our side.

thanks, Louis, about instalation, emm, for me, this is a fresh install, did not have plugins and customize. the only big difference is have many posts, and post types

Hello @qiang814k,

Thanks for your message.
We’re still onto with @Araminta as there is definitely something going on. Thank you for your patience, time and access to your installation.
I’m definite we’ll have a resolution in the coming days.

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Hi there @qiang814k, should fix this particular issue.
My sincere apologies for the time it took to debug, we finally got there. Thanks for persisting!

I am waiting for your email to confirm it is working properly, but will move this to fixed in the meantime as on our side everything is :+1:


Supper !!! Louis, !! :kissing_heart:

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