More robust documentation needed for Filter block

As it says in the title. Truthfully, this can be applied across the board, but I’ll focus on filters.

Of the many features and blocks in Cwicly, I think Query and Filter (in particular) are two of the most complex ones, and deserve a lot more attention. As it is, it really isn’t that easy to wrap your head around.

I’m struggling to create filters that work. Documentation exists, but it is far from thorough. There are lots of repetitive steps outlining how to Add or Reset various settings, but I could argue that explaining these fairly obvious things are unnecessary.

I would like to see very detailed explanations of the functionality, expected behaviour, as well as use-cases. I feel the docs should be able to guide me from start to finish to get a result, without having to come to the forum. At the moment, in my opinion, this isn’t the case.

As an example, right now I am trying to build a range slider filter, and I cannot find any docs to explain how to do this properly.

I have no idea what goes here. There are no prompts, tooltips, or options to select from, and there’s no information that I can find anywhere. Should it be set to Static instead of Dynamic? This, too, I cannot tell.

I’ve watched all the videos and, while they’re good at showing us what can be done, they are light on showing us how to do it. Additionally, all the examples shown were for WooCommerce applications. It should work for all post types, users, terms, etc, but still I cannot seem to get this right.

It must be said, that WP_Query is a huge topic, and is essentially at the core of the entire WP ecosystem - getting information from the database. I don’t expect to have all the basics of this explained, but I would really like better documentation that allows us to make the most of the tools in the builder.

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Sure, Cwicly’s documentation needs an overhaul. There are many things in the documentation that points to earlier versions of Cwicly. Presently they are no longer applicable to the present-day Cwicly. And they have not been replaced to match the newer version of Cwicly. Some others like you mentioned need more vivid descriptions and illustrations.

While I will address @owynter’s comments in another post, I do recommend you take another look at our documentation. It has gone through quite some work in the last few months (which is continuing), and has significantly reduced support demands as well as receiving positive comments from a number of our users.

You’re not wrong Louis, and we do appreciate the improvements.

But @Tonygreat isn’t totally off-base, either. Some of the items could do with more detailed instructions. The rate of development of the features has probably outpaced your ability to add and update the docs, which is somewhat understandable. A victim of your own success in a way.