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I would like to request some more languages, including Finnish and Estonian, so I can translate them for you guys.


This is great!
Let’s make Cwicly accessible to the entire world :earth_africa: :muscle:


Super @Normaali ! That would be great :slight_smile:

Finnish and Estonian have been added to the Translation Sets.
Thank you very much.

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By the way @Normaali, if you want to validate them directly, I can make you validator so that we can include the translations in the next update :wink:
Let me know what you think!

That would be great. :grin: Finnish is just kinda quirky language, and some translations are a little weird, so some English words make just so much more sense as they are kinda universal. But yea, I will be translating them on my free time. :muscle:

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Super, just approved you.
If you want to keep the English version, simply leave the translation field empty/hide it if necessary :wink:
Thanks again for your help.

Okey, happy to help! :muscle: :grin: