Modern SaaS Dashboard?


How easy/difficult to create a SaaS members dashboard on frontend with Cwicly, with all modern UI & UX, pages quick loading, etc., as current popular dashboards?
Any video tutorial or guidance on this would be helpful.


Please say more about what you’re trying to accomplish.


Basically a members dashboard area with side menu & settings, but needs to function & look more like modern SaaS dashboards - slick & fast, popups settings, fast page renders, etc. (as opposed to WP Backend for example).
Can this tool help to accomplish this more easily?

No feedback or answer whatsoever - so I’m guessing no…

It’s still not clear what you’re trying to build - but you can build whatever layout you want with Cwicly.

Plugging in your data (or whatever is going to make this a SaaS app) will likely be your most challenging part.

Hi @robi101, Cwicly is very full-featured and flexible and can do many things.

Using it for laying out a dashboard is entirely possible and it has great features for creating any type of CSS/Html layout you can think of.

With regards to populating the data, as @sunny mentioned, this will come down to how you intend to integrate the data from WordPress and whether you are using any 3rd party membership plugins.

Cwicly works seamlessly with ACF, so you can populate a lot of data from there including any custom fields.

In terms of inputing/editing data, Cwicly doesn’t yet have it’s own forms capability, although this is on the roadmap for future inclusion, so you will likely have to use either a third party plugin for forms or custom code for this depending on how you choose to approach it.

Hi @StrangeTech, thanks for the elaborate response.

I mostly want to know how can Cwicly help (if any) with creating the UI & UX of pages & settings and all the bells & whistles of a frontend Modern Dashboard like interface and how easy is to connect it to my backend PHP code, with as little frontend coding as possible.

Would be great to see how easy is to create interactions with backend data and fronted input data. A video with some related examples will be great.


This is really dependent on your designs and what is included in your interface. Because Cwicly has configurable containers and very good support for CSS (global styles, global classes, global stylesheets, etc) it can be used to create most kinds of UI easily.

Cwicly can be used in a no-code way for UI to a large degree. For integrating with backend PHP code, it really depends on how you have coded it and what sources the data is coming from.

Cwicly supports loading dynamic data including via shortcodes and calling PHP functions:

Cwicly supports many kinds of interactions including dynamic link actions, as well as showing modals or popovers.

The Cwicly docs have videos for all of the available blocks and features.

There is also a Cwicly youtube channel where the Cwicly team in stylish attire introduce various features.

The main thing is to be able to easily add dynamic interactions (ajax, etc.) for adding / deleting / editing custom data fields ,buttons and design containers to frontend - as modern dashboards.

Didn’t really find any example for this…

Cwicly has many features and as it is designed to work with the block editor, so it is compatible with many other plugins.

Most of the WordPress and WooCommerce features it integrates with and enhances, support ajax for displaying, such as querying, filtering, slider navigation, etc.

As I mentioned before, for generic API calls to custom code, you will probably require integration with Cwicly and another plugin until this is a fully supported feature in Cwicly.