Modal - Relative Styling

From old feedback: Modal - Relative Styling | Cwicly

The modal block “only” offers access to the actual modal wrapper (.modal-randomclass) through relative styling.
There are a lot of other important instances which can’t be targeted through this approach.

I know it makes sense, since the relative styling should target exactly this section by default.

But this is resulting in many more problems unfortunately. If there was the possibility to make changes from the 1st level wrapper (.modal-modal-randomclass), we would have many more design options through the panel.

Currently, we miss these options:

  • Apply changes based on modal state (open/close) which is handled through the aria-hidden attribute
  • change positioning / size of the modal through .cc-modal-wrapper
  • full access to the modal overlay
  • etc.

These are just some options of what would be actually possible.
I want to stress that the modal element is really powerful and we do have a great integration inside the FSE also, which makes it even more powerful.
You actually can do so many things with it but by now it’s kind of limiting.

This might affect other blocks too, e.g. the menu block. In case we do not have 1st level wrapper access through relative styling, things getting kind of limiting.

In case you find it not necessary and other people don’t see an issue here, I’m happy to write my own CSS. It’s just a suggestion from the no-code perspective.

Maybe this will be considered at some time in the future.