Modal closes on click


Is it posible that this issue has recently been re-introduced?

Environment info:

  • WordPress version: 6.0 RC3, also checked with 5.9.3 and 6.0 RC2
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: -
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.1.2
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

I have the same isssue.
The close action closes the modal, but clicking anywhere else in the screen will also close it.

Environment info:

WordPress version: 5.9.3
Gutenberg Plugin version: -
Cwicly Plugin version: 1.1.2
Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hi there,

Thanks for the report.
I’m unfortunately not able to re-create this on my side.

Do you have a live link or a page export I could try out?


No link since it is local, but I did take a video.
( I created a modal for testing. )

Page Export

Live Demo (link removed)

I realized it only affects the modal itself, as soon as you place e.g. a div inside, the div is not affected by it.
To demonstrate, I added a padding to the modal block (white BG).

When I remember correctly, last time also the inner content was affected ( but not entirely sure).

Edit: A z-index of -1 added to .cc-modal-close fixed it for me.
I think the issue could be from v.
" Improvement: Modal close overlay separated from background overlay"

If I click on the padding, the modal closes.:thinking:

It seems that if I simply put it in the div, the same problem would remain.

Placing modal content within a section does not seem to cause problems.
The same problem occurs when the tags of the div block are set to “section”.

Yeah, seems like the cc-modal-close container just slipped down one line in the DOM.
Makes no sense for me where it currently sits.
Curious why it couldn’t be replicated :innocent:

Oops a bit overworked here I guess… :face_in_clouds:
I always wrap my modal content in a div which must explain the changes made in Will be reviewing this ASAP.
Thanks for persevering!

This should be fixed in the latest release.