Modal block isn't working / query template responsiveness problem

I’m not sure what’s going on. The modal block doesn’t seem to work at all.

If I insert the modal block into a page, it appears in the list view but that’s it. I can’t use it or insert something in it in any way. I updated everything to the newest version, regenerated the html, css etc., checked if the cwicly modals are hidden in the editor settings, updated to php version 8.1.

A couple of months ago, the modal block worked fine. I created a modal for the mobile navigation that’s still there but can’t be updated in any form.

The second thing that isn’t working right on my site is the mobile responsiveness of the grid editor in the query template, it is set to 3 colums on desktop and tablet view and to one column on mobile view. In the grid editor it’s displaying right but in the backend and frontend it’s still 3 columns. I checked the css code: the css of the desktop and tablet view is also applied to the mobile view.

I don’t know if anything is wrong with my installation but these two things used to work before.

Kind regards

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. It might be a good idea to reach out to the support team so that they can address this as it seems particular to your installation with the modal block?

If I understand correctly, the modal block works correctly on the frontend.

As for the grid issue, a bit more information on your particular setup would be :+1: Auto Grid?


Hey Louis,

I did some digging. It might have been a problem with the wp reset plugin, which i used to reset the staging site some time ago. I deleted the cache and some other local data inside the wp reset plugin and the modal block starts to work again.

And for the other problem: it was an issue on my site + a little bit of a usability problem.

Yes, I used auto grid. I just changed the fractions number in the grid editor (to 1 on mobile) and thought it would just work like that because the 3 sections would stack in the grid editor like they supposed to on the frontend. But apparently you need to delete 2 sections manually(so only 1 is left) for it to display correctly on the frontend.

It would be great if it’s possible that the grid editor automatically deletes the excess sections in that cases.

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Hi @MarcovB,

Thanks for letting me know, glad it’s mainly fixed!

I think your remarks on the grid builder join some other voices on the overall current setup… It seems like this point of view is also gaining traction which I’m aware of and will evaluate in the coming days.