Minor external classes suggestions

First off, I couldn’t be happier about this new External Classes feature. It makes working with frameworks so much easier.

I had a couple suggestions based on my initial testing.

It’d be nice if there was a button to remove all the classes from your stylesheet. That way if my framework style changes in the future (it often gets minor additions), I can just delete all and re-import.

An alternative would be to prevent duplicate selectors. That way it’d only import the new selectors. Right now if you import twice, it’ll create each selector twice.

Of course you could just delete the whole folder, but then you lose the color association for classes already applied to blocks.

The other suggestion is a little more complicated, but it’d be to have more precise searching when adding additional classes.

If I search “mt-md” my results show up as:

Where my direct search is second on the list. I’m guessing this is because the -mt-md happens to be higher on the selector list, but it’d be nice if mt-md came up first due to specificity.

These are super minor though, and again, great work overall!


Hey @sunny,

A big thank you for taking the time to write this up, perfect suggestions.

Your video pointed out that renaming the folder wasn’t included, it will be added in the next instalment.

For the duplicate selectors, I had already thought of removing them but somehow got tangled into the idea that other folders might want those same selector. What you propose is better, simply remove duplicates within a folder if they appear when importing.

A total reset is the way to go for folders, that’s certain.

I have noticed the search issue you pointed out. Will look into it and see if we can improve it as it isn’t perfectly matching, which can definitely slow things down.

Thanks again for your input and making Cwicly better!


Ah, I actually hadn’t even realized you couldn’t rename the folder :sweat_smile:

That’s great - I think those two minor adjustments will really round things off. Thank you!

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Just adding to this, as some of these extras have now been added:

Thanks for the suggestions!

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