Menu styling issue

Not able to overwrite the predefined .menublock .cc-menu.hor|.ver class with Relative Styling.
It is working via custom CSS block options .blockclass .cc-menu.hor|.ver

Screenshot 2022-07-17 185144

Not sure when this was addressed, but this is working for quite a while without issues.

@Louis, can this be safely marked as fixed?


Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for bringing this up.

I’ve been meaning to refer to it as I don’t think it is fixed (when I last checked).
Will have a look and fix if needed in the next update.

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Is there any ETA for the menu block revision @Louis?

Sorry for the confusion, it’s indeed not fixed yet.
Thanks for bringing this up.

Hello @Marius,

Just coming back to this and was wondering in which circumstance you’re adding this relative style.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there @Louis.

Legitimate question indeed.
It’s been a while, so I can’t remember unfortunately.

Now that you ask and looking at the image, I’m wondering myself, but rest assured that I had a specific use case back then which I wasn’t able to achieve.

Feel free to move it to general for now as I really can’t make any sense of it either.

@StrangeTech, did you face any limitation in that regard or wasn’t there a specific reason you popped up here? :innocent:

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@Marius, no limitation, I was scanning the confirmed bugs for any that may cause issues with the various projects we are working on and saw your comment that this one had been addressed and was working.

I know @Louis and the Cwicly team regularly update the raised issues, so I was just double checking whether it was fixed or not.


Hi @Marius,

Thanks for letting me know!
I did confirm myself at the time you posted, so there might have been a change in between that made this no longer necessary.

I will move this to General, but feel free to revive the thread if you do run into a similar issue.


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