Mega Menu Link Effects (active/current state)

Hey There,

I’m currently building my first Mega Menu with the new Blocks and I’m Struggling to set it up correctly in Terms of Active/Current State in Combination with the current page.

What I want to achieve is a simple underline Effect, so that the Current Page is Underlined in my menu.
That’s not a big deal as there are Relative Style Selectors inside the “Nav” Block for the “Current Page”

But, and that’s where it get’s a bit tricky for me, if i want to use the link Effects provided in the Nav-Block under “Primary → Settings → Link Effects” in combination with that selector I almost have no chance to don’t apply that effect double.

The Link Effect uses the ::before pseudo element and inside the “Current Page” relative style I can only use borders or underline effects.

So it would be very nice to have either the option to set styles for the current page inside the “link effect” option, or to copy the relative styles and modify it the way I want. And I think it should be possible, but long story short … I wasn’t able to use the copy/pase function for relative Styles and create my own relative style by adding the ::before selector to the existing one, I guess that’s a bug, since there are the buttons for copying and pasting the styles there?!

Hope it’s clear what I mean! :slight_smile:


PS: Of Course I can create my own relative styles and target the correct selector – so it’s not a big deal at all, but I think that the mentioned copy/paste function doesn’t work correctly anyway in that scenario.

Hi @Wolfgang,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Initially, the link effect styling was intended to be applied on the current page, as we had planned to prevent this specific situation from happening.

Unfortunately, it appears that a minor bug has been encountered.
Rest assured, we are working diligently to resolve this issue.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

With, the link effect should now correctly apply on the current page.

Please let us know if this is the case on your end @Wolfgang.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Araminta ,

thanks for the fix, it is working - but, unfortunately, not as expected.
It works when selecting a Page via the link modal. But I’ve an Archive-Page called “projects” and this one doesn’t show up as “page” in the link selector but has to be selected via a custom url. So the .current selector doesn’t get added on this one. Not sure if this is really ment to be a bug, but as I’m using the archive page to show all projects it has it’s place in my menu! :wink:

(I think that behavior was in the older version the same, just didn’t recognized it yet :-D)


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Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing trouble with this @Wolfgang.

Thank you for providing more information on this!

According to my tests, it seems that the WP menu can recognise a custom url as a current page.
So, yes, this could be considered a bug on our end.

We’ll be sure to take a closer look at this and see if it is possible to solve.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello @Wolfgang,

We addressed a fix for custom URLs in
I’d be grateful if you could check that out and let me know if that fixes the issue you were experiencing here.


Hey @Louis ,

Yes it seems to be working on my end! Thanks a lot!

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Hello @Wolfgang,

Thanks for confirming that, much appreciated.