Mega Menu Dropdown Missing Control for spacing

Hey there,

another one on the mega menu. When creating a Dropdown I am missing the option to globally control the spacing the dropdown indicator icon.

In the Nav-Block under "Primary - Settings - Dropdown - Visuals, there is an option for Colour, Size, but not for spacing.

In the Dropdown-Block itself under “Primary - Icon” there is an Option for spacing.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-24 um 09.57.32

Not a big thing, but when creating more complex stuff I would like to control those things from one place for more consistency! :wink:


Hi @Wolfgang,

Styles are there for this exact reason, otherwise the visuals tab would be overcrowded.

What you’re referring to in the dropdown primary panel is not meant for this.


Hey @Louis ,

ooh sorry - I thought thats the place where it should be there out of logically reasons to be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming when working first with it, so I thought I will share my impressions in terms of optimizing UX-Stuff, but thats, of course, from a subjective point of view! :slight_smile:

Feel free to delete my post then & thanks for your answer!!