Long Page load time on mobile only


When I open up the website on a mobile device, the page will load all of the text and visuals at the expected speed. Visually, it looks like the page load is complete. However the page load progress par gets stuck at about 90% for about 1 minute. Unfortunately, until the page has fully loaded, the hamburger menu button won’t work. Once the page has completely loaded, the navigations menu bar will work as expected.

Here is the website (I only notice this on mobile).

I’ve tested this in iOS Chrome and Safari and it’s doing the same thing.

WordPress version: 6.1.1
Cwicly Plugin Version
Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Absolutely no issues on my end.
Site fully loads like in an instant.
Android - Chrome/Edge

@Marius thanks for checking! Glad to hear it loaded quickly.

Is the hamburger menu working?

That’s ultimately what’s giving me the problem—the menu isn’t popping.

I just check on my wife’s phone and it’s doing the same thing. iOS Safari.

Thanks you so much!

Yes, the menu is working as intended @mattmiller.

Hi @mattmiller,

There’s the pattern circuitry image (general page header) that is linking to your local installation, which in turn might cause this long load time.

We might also move the modal script to <head> to ensure this kind of situation doesn’t arise again.

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I was asking myself if that could be the better approach when my fingers were again too fast after page load.

Sometimes, I’m experiencing some inconsistencies in that regard, so :+1: from my side.

@Louis – Yes! That is what was causing the issue. It couldn’t find the missing background image and the page wouldn’t fully load. As a result, the menu wouldn’t work until the page would load.

I just moved the site yesterday afternoon from my local installation to a host.

I agree with your thought about putting the modal js in the head.

Thanks for taking a look at it.

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