Loading a Page in Editor is extreme slow - License activation defective?

If I am editing a page created completely in Cwicly the blocks are loading very slow and while loading a message is shown “We could not verify your website, you might check your license activation”.

I tried to remove the Domain from cwicly.com Dashboard to reinitiate activation again, but in WP it’s still shown as activated.

Please help.

After a while the domain is shown again in cwicly Dashboard for the Plugin but not for the theme. The editor loading behavior still the same as before.

Here you can see the problem in a Video.

I do experience it as well, especially on larger pages.
Tested every possible browser on different servers and on multiple devices with no possible bottlenecks.

Adding 15-20 sections, the editor won’t load to the point where I’m able to make edits.
I doubt this has something to do with the license verification.

So the new license system didn’t fix the perf issues? I have one Cwicly site right now and have not went deep yet.

Isn’t it the same problem I faced?
Do you use Wocommerce. @Louis made me downgrade to version 6.8 and the problem was fixed.

Thanks for the report @michelyweb.

It breaks my heart to see this as we do our best to improve performance on every Cwicly release.
If you do run into any slowness, please let us know as soon as possible, otherwise we simply can’t improve on things.

Unfortunately, your post doesn’t have much information for us to go on.

@Marius, could you possibly send me an export of a page you can’t even edit? Would appreciate it…

All in all, the license activation process seems to be working perfectly as you do have access to your blocks (the message automatically appears after 10 seconds if the block hasn’t loaded, which should not be the case in most situations).

Which version of Cwicly are you on?
Since when have you experienced this slowdown?
Could you please list the active plugins on your installation?
Have you tried deactivating the active ones one by one to see if it helps?

Could we possibly have temporary access to this installation? If so, can you send the details to support@cwicly.com

Hi @dranzer,

I do want to emphasise once again that the license check has no consequence on performance, it’s simply a placeholder.

Hi Louis, thanks for the reply. I will provide you with login credentials via support@ email.

I am sorry. I wasn’t aware. May be the text can be rephrased to better summarize the issue.

Unfortunately I’m not able to make the way through to hit the export button.
I’ll try to recreate something similar and export it before I leave or reload the page.

Ok. Is this happening on local installations too?

Can’t say, will test that as well.

Hello @michelyweb,

Can you try deactivating Slim SEO on your installation and tell me if that helps?
I’m noticing quite a lag in your server responses (API related), which means that initial editor loading will take time, but it seems Slim SEO is the culprit for the slow editor afterwards…
Please let me know if that helps.


Decactivating Slim SEO fixed it on my side as well.

There are 23 well filled sections, everything runs pretty smooth.
Page loading time is more than reasonable.
I’m even able to make changes on my smartphone.

Thanks a lot for tracking this down @Louis and once again, sorry for the confusion.
Kind of unfortunate, I liked the plugin for the basic stuff.

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Thanks for letting me know @Marius, glad that fixes the issue.

Will reach out to them to see what is going wrong exactly.


I know Slim SEO is from Metabox team. So pretty sure they will fix it once they get to know about it. I recommend The SEO Framework plugin. The SEO Framework – Fast, Automated, Effortless. – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Author of the plugin is a WP core contributor. He writes quality code with performance and security in mind. Their recent contribution to core drastically improved WP performance. #50567 (Set $post filter in update_post_cache()) – WordPress Trac

I do not recommend to touch poorly coded plugins like Yoast or Rankmath.

You can also find the author on Wordpress Chat discord. He helps out people with SEO, code related queries there and reporting flaws in these poorly coded seo plugins. :wink:

I generally do not recommend seo plugins or prefer to use them but I make exception for this one.

Hi @Louis,

Disabling Slim SEO helps to speed up. I would say it’s now 60% faster but still takes quite some time to load all sections.

Hi @michelyweb,

Thanks for the update.

Indeed, I notice a server response that isn’t optimal and unusual to say the least.
Can I make some checks (debug on etc…) on the installation you sent me or do you prefer not?

I will add that it is a good idea to do a few tests (disabling all plugins etc…) when encountering an issue like the one you were experiencing before opening a thread so that we can have as many details as possible and use everyone’s time efficiently :+1:

Yeah, feel free to debug on staging @Louis

@Louis I think there should be an automated message reply for any query posted into bugs section or feedback section which suggest basic troubleshooting steps. Something like the following.


Thank you for your message. We will take a look and get back to you asap.

Meanwhile we suggest you to try following the basic troubleshooting steps.

  1. Deactivate all plugins on the site except Cwicly and check if the issue persists.
  2. If you are on a VPS/Dedicated server please make sure to restart it once and check if the issue persists.
  3. Is there any error in the console log? F12 → Console.