List: Icon alignment to text

Is it possible to add an option in order to vertically align the icon to the first line of text:


Hi @weedor
Add a class to your list element

Then add this to the custom code
.yourclassforlist li {align-items:flex-start;}

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Thank you @jornes for the trick.
I will do that, but I suggested that it would be useful to simply have a checkbox in the settings in order to avoid custom CSS.

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Yes! I wish we had an option to select so we could do this simple task without custom CSS.

Anyway, I’ve upvoted.

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Just want to add here that you are able to do that via Relative Styling as well.
So you don’t need to write custom CSS.

A dedicated option inside the icon tab would make sense, if it’s not available yet, I agree with you here.

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Thank you!

I’ll try that out. Still new to Cwicly. Need to play more with it.

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If someone is interested.




Hi @Marius
Fantastic as usual. No more words…


I can’t deny that Cwicly’s relative styling is great and powerful.


The release 1.2.6 solves definitively this lack.

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