Linked Content

Hey everyone, okay so I am using the linked block technique so that I can work on an accordion. One things I have notified is that global styling are not carried along when you use the linked blocks. Is this the default state or I need to do something else. Thanks

Hello @obstudios,

Welcome to the Cwicly forum!

Glad to see you using linked blocks.

When you mention global styling, are you referring to the possibility to use a linked block on another post/page?
If so, this won’t be possible as linked blocks are only linked within the context of the page the original block is on.
This sounds like a good use for global classes instead?

If I’ve misunderstood something, please let me know.

Hey Louis,

Thanks for responding. Maybe classes will be better. But for the link content. All the content is on the same page. But when it is copied and pasted it doesn’t carry along the global styling that was applied to the original block.