Link stays active when I didn't choose an action for link

Hi! I’m using latest Cwicly version.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. But as I remember correctly, the div(with link enabled) block returned to the regular div block when I cancelled the link (when nothing was chosen). But, now, the link stays active even after I cancelled the link.

The frontend is still showing <a href></a>.

Thank you!

@jornes, Please click the small blue dot toggle button in the top left corner of the dialog - this fully enables/disables the link.

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Hi @StrangeTech
Thank you! It works.
I actually tried clicking that, but it didn’t work. Maybe the object is too small (after I zoomed out to make the screen wider, as I am using a laptop), so I didn’t hit the point.

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I’ll forward this suggestion to the team.

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Alright. Thanks @JohnD