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Having really frustrating issues with license checks today. Has cost me a lot of time in refreshing.
I thought there was a fix for this in 1.2.4?

It doesn’t always come up, and I’ve been able to do a little bit of work, but between refreshing, this happens. Notice it doesn’t trigger on all the blocks, it starts with the tab blocks, then breaks the rest of the blocks below.

Really not sure why Cwicly needs to phone home to function.

Hello @owynter,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
It’s unfortunate that you haven’t contacted our support if it causing you this much trouble.

If you have an indication of your Cwicly plugin calling our servers continuously please let us know, otherwise this is incorrect information.

An indication of your environment and details would be appreciated. Does this happen on every post/template, PHP version, WordPress version, since when you’ve been experiencing this…

Just today. Updated to latest version and going through and it kept popping up intermittently. It’s back to normal now…

You haven’t provided any environment details which makes it much harder for us to pinpoint the cause.
Did you try to refresh the license data when this happened?

I refreshed license info.

It’s the unpredictability of it that was a bit frustrating.

As for environment:
Cwicly version: Version
WP: 6.1 (Multisite)
PHP version: 7.4

Thank you.
May I ask if the license info was valid (green) after the refresh?

Are you using any kind of object caching on your installation?

The wording as I told you before is the main issue here. It makes us think that Cwicly is doing a license check while loading the blocks and failed to verify the license. Please update the wording to something like Blocks failed to load or whatever appropriate.

@owynter If you want to check real time network requests made by any wp plugin / theme then you can use this plugin. Snitch – WordPress plugin |

Thanks for the heads-up.

Indeed, I think in the early days Cwicly used to do that call back to check license validity. Maybe it was fixed, and the error message remains.

Yes, license was always green, before and after.

No caching active.

Please contact so that we can look into this further.

Thank you.

If you have any issues, try installing this chrome extension and then send that information to the Cwicly team as it may help them pinpoint stuff faster:


Moving to General as no follow-up was provided by @owynter.

Thanks for the link. I’ve installed and will try it out. It should help, as it requires a break in my work to actually document and send in these bug reports.

@Louis, typically it’s not that I won’t want to follow up but, by the time I get around to posting here, I’d have spent many hours trying to work through and troubleshoot an issue. As mentioned above, having to stop time sensitive work to submit a bug report isn’t always feasible.

The license check problem has gone away somewhat with recent updates. I still get a license check notification every now and again. I can’t always know when it will happen, but I will turn on screen recording to see if I can catch it in the wild.

I’ve encountered it on my current project which uses about 10-12 repeaters + tabs (nested) on a single page. It tends to get triggered when the dynamic data needs to load. Refreshing the editor page does usually rectify it.

Screengrab of what I’m getting now. A refresh (or two) usually solves it:

Hello @owynter,

Thank you for the details, much appreciated.
Please accept my apologies for this, I can imagine it being distressing when trying to work in the editor.

I have made a few changes to the license check in the next update, hopefully coming out today.
Thanks for your patience @owynter.

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Thanks for taking a look.

Feel like I’m always reporting something, but I’m working on a number of projects simultaneously, and many little issues are popping up.

This has been addressed in

If you still encounter issues, I highly recommend you contact us at instead.

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Hey @Louis, do you know if there’s any reason the license check notice would still be popping up for code blocks?

Thanks for bringing this up @sunny. The Code block and Fragment block have a separate logic compared to the others, but will follow the same logic as the others in the next few updates :+1:

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Just to share I also see the same sometimes.