Key to UPDATE a page?

Anybody know of a key (or key combination) to ‘update’ a Cwicly page when editing?

I use a CTRL S plugin for normal WordPress but that doesn’t seem to work with Cwicly.
Also tried Gutenberg Shift - Alt - S but no luck there…

Thnx for any advice / suggestions!

On Mac using a Chromium based browser, Cmd+S works perfectly without any need for additional plugins.

I can confirm this for Windows and Chromium based browsers too, as well as for Firefox.

There might be some browser add-ons (maybe even your dedicated WP save one) or 3rd party apps on your OS which could interfere with it .

Are other shortcuts working for you?
You can check them out via Shift + Alt + H.

Thnx guys,
It was indeed a chrome extension. Not figured out which but problem solved.

Thnx again!