Jet Engine integration

Bring Jet Engine to Cwicly

I’m sure there is a less rude way to ask for new features.


do not suggest to do so.

I think Cwicly logic is more based on ACF so no need to add jet engine. It still needs better query of meta fields and I am sure it is on its way…

I gave it a vote because I have unlimited on ACF and JetEngine as well.
Might come handy for me in the future, selfish I know.
… As well as onboarding new users, since I want Cwicly to get as famous as it deserves and get the funds it needs to grow.
I have seen too many potential buyers use the excuse of “ACF only” to neglect looking into it without knowing it was onboarded anyway + planning Metabox if I’m correct.

yes Metabox is on the roadmap

Yes, please bring Jet Engine to Cwicly