Issues with Query and Products category

Hello, I have some issues with Products Category Page. I have a Parent Category called “Lęšiai”. If i click on one of the Child Category (for example “Vienadieniai”) it shows the same Child Categories, not my “Vienadieniai” products (it should show 4 products).
If I click on empty Child Category - “2 savaičių”, it still shows the same Child Categories, not my empty page.
Pls, how to resolve this? :slight_smile:

This is what happens when I click on “Vienadieniai” child category:

Here is my Query editor preferences:

Thank you!

Hello @ramunsas,

I’m not quite sure I fully comprehend what you’re trying to achieve here, so please bear with me.

Assuming you want to pick up the current terms for the taxonomy archive you’re on, I’d recommend using the Taxonomy Terms block instead of the Query block.

As for the product query which I assume is only on this template, can I ask if you have kept the Inherit Query from URL toggled on?

Thanks in advance.

Ramunas wants to show subcategories of the current category. By clicking the subcategory it should open archive with subcategories of clicked subcategory etc. This way customers should be going deeper and deeper into the categories’ tree one level at a time.

Is it possible to make Query or Taxonomy Terms work this way?

In Query it’s possible to select a whole Categories list, but not the child categories only of the current active category.


In Taxonomy Terms it’s possible to present only the current active category (which is open now), but not it’s subcategories.


Is there another solution?