Issue with URL inherited query


In my category template, I have two query blocks. One displays the first three posts in three columns, and the other displays the rest in four columns.

First query:

Screenshot 2023-10-16 133639

Second query:

Screenshot 2023-10-16 133747

Everything was working correctly until I needed to expand the categories and add subcategories to them. Now, regardless of whether I click on the category or the subcategory in the menu, every post in the category is displayed. I resolved this by setting the query to ‘inherit from URL’, but it caused another problem: items per page and offset parameters seem to be ignored

Is this expected or maybe I should do something in a different way?

Inherit Query From URL does not use the Query editor settings, which is why you are experiencing this.

A simpler way to do this may be to use a single Query and use CSS Grid to create apply 3 columns to the first row and then 4 columns to all subsequent rows - then you can continue to use Inherit Query From URL without the need for offset, etc.