Issue with nav custom dropdown at frontend - first block not showing up, margin partially not considered

Invested some time now into this with different flex settings and or positioning, but not getting that solved. Within the editor it is this:

at frontend it is this: (first block not visible, margin of second block not applying)

Copying the dropdown nav to a normal page, it’s all ok

Hello @FZwo,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble here, although it does sound very unusual that only the first block would not appear in the custom dropdown.

A frontend link would be helpful to get started looking into this, as I can’t reproduce the error on my side currently.


A duplicated class (caused from just copying a block from a page to the header) was the cause. I was aware that same classes on same page interferes, but not that also same classes on headers causes issues (but logically it is clear). Is there a shortcut for copying blocks while automatically change the core class of a block? I currently always have to duplicate a block at the source (as this creates new id’s and classes), then copying it to the target, and then deleting the duplicated block