Issue in editing the Column

I used three columns. I don’t want this in a single line for mobile view as its becoming messy. I tried make it to come one by one as three lines ,but I could not able to edit it . I need help to correct this. Please refer to the image attached.

Hi @Kavya,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Please take a look at this post and see if it helps.

Additionally, could you possibly let me know if this issue is affecting both the frontend and backend of your website?
If it is specific to the backend, please provide me with the breakpoints you have configured for tablet and mobile view, which you can find from the Global styles > Settings > Defaults.

Thank you in advance.

Its not working…as expected.

Thanks for that, @Kavya!

It seems this issue is also happening on desktop, per your screenshot.

Could you possibly provide with a temporary access to this installation?
This way I might be able to better help you.

If granting access isn’t possible, please share screenshots of how you have set up your columns block, as the provided information is currently too limited for me to identify the root cause.