Invitation to an Unofficial Cwicly Group on Discord

Hi everyone,
To share something with Cwicly’s community.

Feel free to join this Unofficial Cwicly Discord Group. Discuss everything about Cwicly.

*This invitation has once been posted on Cwicly’s Facebook group. However, if some people are rarely active on Facebook, I decided to post it again on the forum.


Right - thanks. What’s FB? :crazy_face:

Sorry! FB stands for Facebook. I used to type shortform. :joy:

Anyway, I have edited it.

Happy to see Cwicly community growing. :slight_smile:


Bumping up the thread. So new members get aware of this discord group. It’s at 70+ members. Let’s reach 100+. :slight_smile:

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Bumping up the thread for new members to know there is a discord group for Cwicly!

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@jornes, is this still active or is it no longer available? The invite seems to have expired.

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Hi @StrangeTech ,
The group is active. Please join the group with this link.

Join here :point_right: Cwicly Unofficial Community

Strangely, this is what we see when visiting the invite link:

It’s weird. It’s a newly generated link. Not sure what’s going wrong.

We will test it with a different account when there is time and confirm if it makes a difference.