Installed WPML, site died

Hi. I have installed WPML for translation. Site wasn’t loading, templates were loading only partly.
After I completely removed WMPL with it’s reset procedure. Site still doesn’t work. Cwicly isn’t able even to regenerate it’s blocks and classes.

I didn’t expected that it will be such a huge incompatibility between Cwicly and most popular translation plugin WPML. :frowning:

Any advice on where to look for the possible solution?


Hello @Audrius,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues here.
This does sound unusual, as a lot of our users use WPML.

Could you possibly send an email to so that this can be dealt with correctly?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I have already restored the DB from backup. Actually, most of the templates were corrupted, some of them have gone. First I built the entire site and only then I installed WPML. WPML wasn’t able to interpret the made templates correctly and has corrupted them.

E.g. even this shortcode in a code block was interpreted as a translation string and wasn’t executed as a code any more.


I’m not the first one who hits the same problem. In this topic there are more details and explanations about how WPML incorrectly interprets Cwicly templates and fails.

I believe Cwicly and WPML are compatible, while templates content is simple. But for the deeper integration and correct templates interpretation, Cwicly should have its own WPML configuration file. There should be rules provided for WPML on how strings in Cwicly are built and how to interpret them correctly by not disrupting templates.

I hope you’ll have time to make such a config file in the next release. :slight_smile: