Insert fontawesome in HTML block or PHP block

Hi there,
If possible, I want to add icons from fontawesome in blocks HTML or in blocks PHP.
Must I import the font via Cwicly settings or is there a tweak to use icons already in Cwicly?

Well, Cwicly uses SVG icons, so you can’t take direct advantage of the icons which are already there, I guess.

You could insert an icon through the Icon Block, go to the front-end, extract the HTML and then remove the Icon Block again.
Or you can grab the SVG code from the Font Awesome website directly.

In case you want to import the font library, I think the Cwicly options are the way to go.
Or in case you want to use them only on specific pages, I would go the Fragments and Code Block route, since the entire font library eats resources.

I do highly recommend using SVG icons, in case you don’t intend to use them extensively.

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In fact, there are just a couple of icons to display via blocks, so I will use the process that you described.
Thank you @Marius

PS: next step → the filter :grinning: