Insert cwicly paragraph instead of gutenberg paragraph

When on a div, right click, insert, paragraph => it would be nice to insert a cwicly paragraph instead of a gutenberg paragraph which is not customizable

here is a paragraph which was inserted using the “insert” feature:

and here is a paragraph inserted using the + button (i have all the cwicly settings and i can customize all i want):

Hej pomilo,

You can edit these settings in the default block, see screenshot; see at the bottom: “Default Block”

no it’s not working. I have already set cwicly paragraph as a default block. But still, when i right click to insert a paragraph, it’s not a cwicly paragraph

Hi @pomilo,

Sorry to hear about this.

What you are experiencing sounds unusual, as on my end when I insert a paragraph, it is Cwicly’s.
Also, only Cwicly blocks are available to be inserted this way, which makes this even stranger.

Could you possibly provide a screencast of you inserting the paragraph?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Araminta,

A WP Paragraph block is added when clicking on the + icon itself.
When clicking on a paragraph in the menu opening on the + icon rollover, then a Cwicly paragraph block is added.



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I have feedback about the paragraph block.

When I copy/paste a paragraph from another site, I noticed that Cwicly’s paragraph block was automatically converted to Gutenberg’s paragraph block.

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actually i can’t reproduce this issue… so… i don’t know what happened… @Araminta

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Thank you @pomilo for confirming it is working as expected on your side!
Moving this to general.

Thank you @JuGa for your insight. Perhaps if the user has set a Cwicly paragraph as a default block, clicking on the + icon should insert a Cwicly paragraph and not a Gutenberg one.

Thank you for the feedback @jornes, however I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on my end. Could you possibly provide a screencast of this happening?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Araminta
Sure! I will do that when I’m available later. :v:

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