Initial set-up issues with https

Had this several times now:

  1. installing new WordPress App
  2. applying SSL (successful)
  3. installing Cwicly plugin (and theme within the installation process)

result: header and Footer template parts are not functional, one has to replace them

The above is only avoided, when one changes the site url settings within WordPress settings from http to https BEFORE installing Cwicly

Hello @FZwo,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately, I don’t see what correlation the protocol could have in this specific situation.

Can you possibly let me know what you mean by not functional?

Thanks in advance.

I tested it again with a absolute fresh install, this time (proceeding as initially described), the Post content blocks shows an error when creating or editing a template:

adjust the wordpress dashboard settings to https does not change that behavior (error still occurrs)

Hi @FZwo,

Do you proceed to an HTTP and CSS regeneration before accessing the Editor?

no, I did not, I will check out if that helps

that does the trick…but there might be some inconvenience if one “forgets” to adjust the http to https wordpress settings before starting to install cwicly, maybe a warning during installation might help

But that this is the case, should be better validated on your side (installation with adjusting vs. not adjusting http to https with the wordpress settings)

I’m not sure how this relates to protocols? HTTP or HTTPS, Cwicly works with both.

Recovering the block in the editor is also a way to fix this. The only reason this is happening is because the Cwicly Theme is using a block version of Cwicly that predates the now native rendering logic.

I would close this now for me, as the initial issue with header and footer templates are becoming templates without named header and footer, together with a message there is an error with that, could not be reproduced any more.

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